9 Signs You’re A Workaholic

by Laurie Erdman on April 14, 2014

burntoutbuddy 300x300 9 Signs You’re A WorkaholicThe story is familiar. Successful professional, mother of 2, dedicated to her work, building a career, juggling life’s responsibilities with seeming ease, contribution to the community, changing the world with her work, collapses in the office. The doctors struggle to find the cause but eventually rule it extreme fatigue.

You read this story and feel for the kids. The day before, you would envy her success. Today, you might even judge her for working too hard and not being there for her kids more. How could she make such choices?

You also cringe because you see her story in yours. You also are driven. You sleep with our smartphone nearby. You’re on call 24/7 because the client/customer/boss might need you.

You know this is a crazy way to live. Yet, you can’t stop yourself.

Sound familiar?

The evidence is mounting that our overworked cultural norm is not serving us. It is making us sicker, unhappier, less productive and disconnected according to Arianna Huffington in her latest book Thrive. As a nation we have lost our way.

But what about you? Statistics and “epidemics” have a way of selling books and having us see the problem in our friends. But what about you?

Maybe you’re functioning just fine. Sure, you could use more sleep, exercise and a day off. But are you really part of the problem?

The question I have for you today is are you a workaholic?

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Freedom Friday.014 200x300 Your language is a reflection of how you see yourself. (Freedom Friday)Personal musings on igniting your life from the inside out and the top down.

In the beginning there was the word. The word distinguishes us from other animals. It allows us not only to communicate danger (animals are able to do this too), but language allows us to communicate our deepest desires. It allows us to write book and emails. Language allows us to talk on TV and the phone, reaching people around the world.

Language also reflects how we view ourselves. Whether we love or hate ourselves is revealed in the use of a single word, a turn of phrase.

The problem is we are largely asleep to the language we use.

We talk and talk, but rarely listen to what we say.


“I can never do that, there are others more qualified.”

“I can’t go to that party, my ex will be there and make me feel uncomfortable.”

“Why did you make me mad?”

Each statement reflects the pain of not feeling good enough, of rejection and being out of control, respectively.

Words not only reflect our inner self, they are the mortar to our beliefs. Each word of fear and pain reinforces the feeling.

There is good news here. Words have the power to create.

Words create your feelings, beliefs, attitude, experience and view of yourself. Words are the spark that ignites your actions. Or inaction.

Words are the thread with which you weave the tapestry of your life.


Choose your words carefully. Listen to yourself. Your words matter. Be vigilant. Correct yourself mid-sentence.

Need more confidence? Change your choice of words.

Want more love in your life? Change your words.

Want respect? Change your words.

To be clear, I’m talking about your inner and outer words.

The words you converse with. The words that fill your head. They all matter.


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