How To Craft A Rebound

by Laurie Erdman on June 1, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn average, we make 11.7 career changes according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a lot of rebounds, comebacks and course corrections. I know I have followed my authentic self onto a new path close to a dozen times so far.

Career shifts are never easy, but always worth it. This article will discuss how to overcome the struggles that often come with crafting a career rebound.

Eighteen months ago I created a vision board. Prominent on the board is “Crafting A Rebound.” Little did I know I would make two rebounds or comebacks in less than the two years.

The first rebound was my return to the corporate work world as a senior director of human resources. I wrote extensively about how I came to that decision here, here and here.  Since I started my position, I stopped blogging and writing.

My life has been immensely full without writing. I’ve been implementing programs and I have continued my volunteer work for Gratitude Training. In the last nine months, I co-led a two teams of coaches and students through their transformational leadership journey.

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Well Being Wednesday Number 53

by Laurie Erdman on December 31, 2014

Dream big then break down the journey into the smallest possible pieces.

Well Being Wednesday 53

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Well Being Wednesday Number 52

December 24, 2014

You choose how change occurs – with ease or with resistance.  The difference between the two is surrender.

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Well Being Wednesday Number 51

December 17, 2014

To have faith you are on the right path, stop focusing on whether it is right.

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Well Being Wednesday Number 50

December 10, 2014

Your life exists outside your comfort zone. Don’t forget to enjoy the expedition.

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