Laurie Erdman

Who Am I?

Inject love into the intersection of life and work and you get freedom. Not gooey, sappy, romantic love, but honorable, connected, you-are-human-and-so-am-I kind of love. Not ring the bells of liberty or send in the armies to protect it kind of freedom, but the worry-free, judgment-free, I don’t care what others think of my authentic self, and yet I will always do my best kind of freedom.

Love is what we create when we’re not sabotaging our dreams or getting one over on our fellow human. What would such a world look like? How would we treat our colleagues, spouses, children, strangers on the street? How would we define success?

“Freedom is only possible when love

motivates your choices.”


Frenetic ambition would be transformed into purpose-filled, peaceful and generous accomplishment that spawns the world in which we say we want to live. We would live free, work free, be free.

It all started in a doctor’s office, where neurons awoke and facades shattered. Somewhere between green juice and energizing lives, I discovered the hamster wheel was not a product of our exterior world, but of our fictionalized stories. I’m now a student, editor and translator of the stories that define and distort our world, keep us running full-tilt and shape our unproductive malaise.

Professionally, I’ve been a legal gun for hire, set up businesses in the far reaches of our globe, wrangled out-of-control sales teams, and been gutsy enough to start my own business again and again. I’m an employee engagement junkie, burnout guru, work-life balance cynic, and recovering workaholic who massages words in pursuit of the exact spark that will ignite lives with passion, success and freedom.

The official word on Laurie:

Laurie Erdman is a life-igniting tour de force and speaker on a mission to inject love into the way we live and work. She is also a certified coach, writer and artist, as well as a business, training and human resources leader at a leading education technology company. She has served as the legal support in the technology, retail and education industries, opened outposts in Dubai and Switzerland, managed wayward sales people from chaos to consistent growth and coached the burnout back to life. Most recently she has been the inspiration and architect behind a high performing human resources team that is igniting performance in over 30 schools nationwide. Laurie is a contributing blogger to Huffington Post and other media outlets.

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