KC Baker

“Laurie Erdman speaks in such a way that people in the audience cannot help but be riveted. Her personal story is nothing short of miraculous, but it’s the passion and the urgency – and the humor! – she brings to her story and the way she guides others to radically take charge of their lives that is remarkable. She is emerging as one of the most potent thought leaders making a stand for people to live lives rooted in well being, so that they can make major contributions in this world. Audiences love her. People are left touched and inspired after experiencing her. As a speaker, she delivers — big time.” ~ KC Baker, Founder, The School For The Well Spoken Woman

Neill Timmons

“When I think of Laurie Erdman, three adjectives immediately come to mind: loving, direct, and no BS.  Thanks to Laurie, I can now identify and even find humor in the limiting conversations that used to run me.  And whenever I fall back into them, I have the tools to move more quickly out of them and into something that better serves me.  Laurie held the space for many of my most powerful breakthroughs, and I believe that anyone who works with Laurie will be held to their highest and best.  If you are truly looking to take yourself on, Laurie Erdman will be your greatest ally!!” ~ Jeska Brobeck, Private Yoga Teacher & Conscious Event Planner, Miami, FL

Neill Timmons

“What makes Laurie a great coach is that she actually lives what she is coaching into. She is always reaching new heights, taking herself on, and growing personally, financially, vulnerably, and spiritually. She not only has a way of being that opens new possibilities in peoples lives, but she backs it with a respectful rigor in her own life. She really lives it. When I was coached by Laurie I had extraordinary breakthroughs in vulnerability, accessing rigor in my own life, not beating myself up, making financial goals and growth, and I even got into a romantic relationship after her guidance and coaching (whom I’m still happily with now). I am so grateful to her for seeing the possibilities in my life and helping me see them. I love her dearly.” ~Neill Timmons, Owner / Operator, Arch to Freedom and Treatment Technician at Wellness Resource Center

Wendy Clay

“I reached out to Laurie for health coaching but found out that how I do one thing is how I do everything so it quickly became LIFE coaching.  Through our coaching not only did I release 10 pounds but also I quit my job and was able to dive head first confidently into creating and growing my business.  She was the gentle push in the direction I had chosen and was a bit still frightened to go alone.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to create ACTUAL results in your life.  All calls started with what I accomplished and there was always something to celebrate!!! I never felt bad or wrong for not completing everything because she coached me in a way that allowed me to get clear with what stops me.  Laurie, thank you so much!!!” ~ Wendy Clay, Owner of At Your Service Cleaning Excellence LLC

Robert Sinn

“Laurie is an energetic, creative, and highly driven coach. She never ceased to amaze me in her drive to help me realize my goals. She is also incredibly creative in terms of problem solving and viewing a situation from multiple vantage points. She is a world class coach who can help anyone reach their maximum potential. For Laurie ‘impossible’ does not exist.” ~ Robert Sinn, Financial Advisor

Laurie  is  delightfully  energetic, respectfully  educating  her  audience  to  help  them recognize sources of burn-out in their lives. She provides the foundation of knowledge upon which each person can build and encourages self-care from a holistic perspective.” ~ Cynthia Sharon, BSN, RN Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security

“I found Ms. Erdman’s presentation to be extremely informative. Her presentation style perfectly matched what she said. She was down to earth, non-judgmental, and obviously very passionate about what she does.”

“Laurie’s presentation was extremely informative. Also the tone and manner of presentation were excellent.”

“Laurie is a dynamic and engaging speaker!”  ~ Karyn Miller, RN  Environmental Protection Agency/Occupational Health Unit

“This seminar was well organized and Laurie presented the material in a very understandable way. This seminar was extremely useful.”

“An excellent and very informative presentation. The session could have easily been 2 hours long.”

“You touched my soul.”

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